Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today. Paris may be the most romantic, Rome the most charming, Venice the most magical, but for all their love stories, It's New York that I have fallen head over heels in love with. 


I went to NYC on the way to Miami, but actually wish this was the longer part of the trip. I never really got it before- I love tropical heat, and palm trees, and even though I was born and raised in London, a built-up city didn't really appeal to me. Then about 15 minutes before we landed in Newark airport, as we emerged out of the cloud bank, was a bird's eye view of the iconic Manhattan skyline, and it was then that I got it.

Some things to note before we start; 1. NYC is huge and you won't do it all in circa 60 hours. 2. There is of course more to NYC than Manhattan, but it's a good place to start.


For women reading this who are older than 27, maybe you fell in love with Manhattan through Sex and the City. For women who are 23+, maybe it was Gossip Girl. For me, it was Gossip Girl. So when I saw The Empire Hotel on and waited in the hotel lobby to check in as if I was waiting for Chuck Bass... you can imagine my joy. 


Ideally you want to stay in Manhattan to be in the midst of things, but do expect it to be pricey- the outer boroughs, such as Brooklyn, have as much to offer for a lesser price.

Times Square & Broadway

Times Square is the heart of the city that never sleeps, because it quite literally lit up 24/7. The iconic square is luminescent with billboards of the world's biggest brands, and most celebrated supermodels. Filled with theatres, music halls and hotels, you can pick up tickets to a show on Broadway, or eat at The View restaurant. I wouldn't recommend choosing to eat near here as your first choice, as it will inevitably be expensive. I also want to say it will never be packed, but it's not true.

times square, new york.

times square, new york.

oh hi jimmy

oh hi jimmy

hershey's chocolate world 

hershey's chocolate world 

radio city hall, venue for the most iconic musicians

radio city hall, venue for the most iconic musicians

Empire State Building

New York is best viewed from above. I wanted to go up the Rockerfeller Centre, but time didn't permit. So if you're on a time constraint, you must visit the Empire State Building, as one of the tallest buildings in the world. The only better view of New York would be from a helicopter, but that's for next time!


I wish this was the view from my bedroom!


Take the free Staten Island Ferry, to get some incredible and iconic views of Manhattan. I was definitely freezing but my dress was nautical so I decided to bear the cold. 


Brooklyn Bridge

Okay, so this is definitely a whistle-stop tour of NY. I so wanted to go into Brooklyn fully, but on a short trip, you can only really tap the surface of the city. So we went to Dumbo, to get incredible views of Manhattan Bridge, and of course we walked back to Manhattan over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Going first thing in the morning is advisable, and also late at night with a great night-time camera!


Food and Drink

In NY, you have to grab a NY bagel for breakfast! We did that twice, and obviously they are AMERICAN SIZED! We also went to Pio Pio, a Peruvian rotisserie on 10th Avenue which was sooooo yummy! 

Pio Pio

Pio Pio

For something sweet, I went to Momofuku Milk Bar in East Village for malt ice cream with crunch!



Finally, head up to 230 FIFTH rooftop bar on 5th Avenue, for cocktails (pricey) but a SPECTACULAR view of the Empire State Building!


So, a short stop-off in one of my favourite places ever! Absolutely cannot wait to go back over and over again! There will be more pictures on my instagram!


Rose x