As most stories like this go, I was inspired to travel from a very young age. When my mum took me to Jamaica for the first time, I soon found myself running around with bare feet on rocks and trying to climb up coconut trees, with absolutely no regard for my own safety. I fancied myself as an explorer - and watched the Wild Thornberrys way too much! Soon after this, my Grandma took me to Venice with her, and thus my love affair with travelling was consecrated. I decided that my dream job would be to become a pilot (ranking above singer, teacher, doctor..and astronaut). I wrote lists of all the places I would fly to, and begged my mum to take me to travel shops on the way back from school so I could pick up the latest brochures.  I got in trouble at primary school because I would plant huge red circles around countries in the geography atlas books, and between me and you, I never returned some of those books...

I am now 26, and I can confirm that I am, in fact, not a pilot (shock)... it turns out you have to be good at maths for that! I'm actually a full-time secondary school teacher, who uses my 13 weeks of holiday a year to explore! I may have grown out of my tomboyish dungarees and my tree-climbing tendencies, but what hasn't changed is that I still make those lists of the places I want to visit (everywhere), and instead of drawing in every school atlas I could find, I now have a gigantic world map on my bedroom wall!  

By sharing my own trips, stories and trying to capture as best as I can the magic and essence of everywhere I go in my photos/videos, I really hope you're inspired to take whatever budget you have and go somewhere new.


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