Ten Tips To Survive A Long-Haul Flight


How are you with flying? Flying is exciting - the anticipation of your experiences abroad can create a real buzz - but it can also be uncomfortable, stressful and quite frankly, exhausting. There are many obvious and unimaginative things to do to occupy your time, such as listening to music, watching a film, or getting absolutely hammered on the free miniature rum bottles. However, here are some of the more productive things that keep me entertained and relaxed:


Sorry to be so obvious, but it's essential! Sleep is the true pass time of any long journey, and can be very useful in avoiding jetlag. Jetlag Rooster designs a personal sleeping plan to help you adjust to a different time zone on the plane. However, unless you're one of those people who can plonk their head anywhere and doze off, you'll definitely struggle with this. Unfortunately, it's not always the most comfortable situation on a plane, unless you somehow afford first class everytime (If this applies to you, share your secret please!).  Packing an eye mask, a fluffy blanket and some ear plugs can really help - I was once sat in front of a screaming baby and didn't hear a damn thing :) 


This is one of the best apps I've ever downloaded! If you had poor geographic knowledge before, you won't after your thousand hour flight! This app tests your knowledge of seven political areas, and you'll leave the plane knowing your Ougadougou from your Okayama, and your Montenegro from your Macedonia. (Currently not available on Android.. sorry folks)


It's likely that your flight will have films at your disposal, but should you want to get into the spirit of going to a new country, travel magazines provide endless hours of exploration at your fingertips. Whatsmore, BBC iplayer now allows you to download shows for you to watch whenever you want! Yes, that means unlimited David Attenborough whilst flying across the world...woo hoo!


Release your inner child! This is especially good if you don't like flying, as it's a therapeutic distraction from the fact that you're about 30000ft above the ground. I've seen some great books, and they're widely available now.


If your flight path is going across land (you can check here), it would be an absolute disaster to not take pictures of the mountain ranges, cities and coastlines you'll be passing. You can obviously do this on your phone camera, but a good SLR will accommodate for the distance.


For me, feeling clean on a long flight plays a huge part in how I feel when I get there. You'll find that you'll want to bring a toothbrush or some gum, baby wipes, face cream, lip balm, pain killers and a small bottle of perfume- just make sure they're under 100ml. And please, don't go dousing the plane in your Dior J'adore, a little spritz on your wrist will do! See picture above and description below for my recommendations of in-flight comforts.

7. EAT

You don't have to tell me twice!  Monopolise on any free snacks and drinks provided on board, and knock yourself out! What's a 9 hour flight when you have food by your side? Drinking lots of water is essential too to stay hydrated and reduce exhaustion.

8. Spring clean your phone!

So you've slept for three hours, you've watched two documentaries and read a magazine, you know where every major city in Africa, and you still have three hours left...what can you do? Delete old pictures! If you're anything like me, 700 pictures is the minimum number taken on any trip, so get deleting and create some space. This will take you at least an hour,  as you come across those photos of your mum/dad/cat/pet lizard that you forgot you had.


When I was younger, my Grandma encouraged me to keep a travel journal everytime we went away. I collected receipts, tickets, brochures and compiled them into notebooks. The joy in reading them now is priceless. It's never too late to start! Buy a scrapbook, some pritt stick and get writing. You never know, you might end up starting a blog!


It's shocking that I got an A* at GCSE Italian, and seven years on, I can only really remember how to ask for food. It's worth keeping a basic phrase book in your bag (Lonely Planet do good ones), or use an app! I'm not advising you take on learning Japanese in 3 hours, and of course, most people everywhere in the world speak English. But it would be courteous to at least try!

So ladies and gents, you should be keeping thoroughly busy on your long haul flights. Please remember, whether you're sleeping, eating or becoming the next David Attenborough, to get up and walk around/stretch. 

Comment with any questions, and see below for product info. Happy wandering!

Rose x

(Blanket- Ikea: £24 || Year Wanderlust Magazine Subscription: £30 || iPad Air: £250 || Maybelline Baby Lips: £2.99 || La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+: £15.50 || Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye £24.50 || Boots Foam Earplugs x3 : £2.79 || Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum 30ml: £50. Based on prices in March 2016)