6 things you'll recognise if you're a frequent traveller


1.       You keep your passport within an inch of your body at all times.

Ok, so obviously not an inch, but at least a metre? Your passport is literally your lifeline, and you want to be assured that its tucked in safely, awaiting your next adventure. You even use it as ID when you go out, you know, just in case you decide to visit the airport.

2.       You never unpack.

You come to pack for your upcoming trip, take your suitcase out and realise you haven’t unpacked from your last trip, because it was two weeks ago! So then you have to rush wash your clothes, staying up all night to wash, spin, dry, wash, spin , dry repeat.

3.       Your phone is consistently in a state of ‘storage almost full’.

You have 4382 pictures on your phone, of every palm tree you walk past, staged ‘off the cuff’ pictures on Brooklyn Bridge. At least 500 of them are of the sea, when you tried to capture snaps of those dolphins on your boat tour but they were just too quick…and then there’s that one monkey you saw run across the road in Rio. You should definitely delete them but ‘what if I never see another monkey like that again!?’ you ask yourself. And so you delete the Facebook chat app instead because who uses that anymore?

4.       You have 844746392045 tabs open on Chrome Of places you cannot afford

Ok I’ll admit, currently one of the tabs open on my browser is a £137,052 a week villa in St Lucia, that I will not stay in ever. Its okay people, I feel you! Whenever you feel alone in your delusions, just know that I, somewhere, probably have that tab open too.

5.       Sir David Attenborough is your Godfather

Yep. That’s right guys. How did you not realise? When you get a window seat you narrate the journey as if you were filming Planet Earth 3 (And maybe you're semi-high off the air con, but Sir Dave is still your Godfather)

6.       No one invites you anywhere anymore, because you probably wont be here

This one is a bit more mellow. Wahhh. You miss loads of birthdays and barbecues because you’re too busy half way across the world talking to Thai street vendors about whether to eat the spider or the scorpion…or both.