As most stories like this go, I was inspired to travel from a very young age. When my mum took me to Jamaica for the first time, I soon found myself running around with bare feet on rocks and trying to climb up coconut trees, with absolutely no regard for my own safety. I fancied myself as an explorer - and watched the Wild Thornberrys way too much! Soon after this, my Grandma took me to Venice with her, and thus my love affair with travelling was consecrated. I decided that my dream job would be to become a pilot (ranking above singer, teacher, doctor..and astronaut). I wrote lists of all the places I would fly to, and begged my mum to take me to travel shops on the way back from school so I could pick up the latest brochures.  I got in trouble at primary school because I would plant huge red circles around countries in the geography atlas books, and between me and you, I never returned some of those books...

I am now 24, and I can confirm that I am, in fact, not a pilot (shock)... it turns out you have to be good at maths for that! I'm actually a full-time secondary school teacher, plagued with the ominous 'student debt' and a Game of Thrones obsession. I may have grown out of my tomboyish dungarees and my tree-climbing tendencies, but what hasn't changed is that I still make those lists of the places I want to visit (everywhere), and instead of drawing in every school atlas I could find, I now have a gigantic world map on my bedroom wall!  

Why you should wander with me.

Look at this world map now. Where do you live? What do you notice? For me, its that I live on a tiny island in the North Atlantic, and that the prospect of dying and not seeing the world that has been given to us would not only be a shame, but a disaster. We often get so caught up in who's got the latest promotion at work, or what we think we should be earning, or how many people liked our last photo, but why doesn't it bother you just as much that you spend most of your time in the same place, doing the same things, when there are unreal looking, magical places that you have the means to see, but always rule it out. So when people say in a jealous tone 'errr you go away like all the time', it's like, duhhhh, so can you! You can always travel within whatever budget you have!

I've been to 22 countries in my life, and every year I try to add one or two to that. By sharing my own trips, stories and trying to capture as best as I can the magic and essence of everywhere I go in my photos/videos, I really hope you're inspired to take whatever budget you have and go somewhere new. Let me know if you do! 


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